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Zulu Mageba - Mvumeni EP

Zulu Mageba - Mvumeni EP


Enter the amazing world of "Mvumeni," an EP that breaks the rules of usual music and becomes a beautiful tribute to family wisdom and history. Made by the talented Zulu Mageba, this project honours a man with great significance – Mvumeni, the respected elder of his father's family.


Inspired by the important lessons from Mvumeni to his father and now to him, Zulu Mageba creates a mix of sounds filled with deep respect and thanks. As the lively rhythms of Afro House fill the air, Mageba dedicates "Mvumeni" to his uncle. He recognises the profound impact of Mvumeni's guidance on his artistic journey and takes on the duty of passing on these timeless lessons.


"Mvumeni" is more than an EP; it's a special experience that invites us to celebrate our roots. It reminds us of the lasting impact of our elders and the duty to honour and continue their wisdom. Zulu Mageba's music is a testament to the power of storytelling and the preservation of culture. Step into this unique world and let the captivating melodies of "Mvumeni" guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection to the past.

  1. Mvumeni
  2. Nobamba
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