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SHAMISO - Best of Xpressed Records 2023

SHAMISO - Best of Xpressed Records 2023


Introducing the Best of Xpressed Records 2023, an annual compilation album renowned for its exceptional music, carefully curated and mixed by the most talented DJs in the industry. In 2023, we are thrilled to present SHAMISO as the compiler and mixer of this anticipated album. As an Afro Tech/Afro House Playlist Curator and an African Electronic Dance Music DJ, SHAMISO's passion for the craft and her deep-rooted connection to the culture shine through in every beat.


Drawing inspiration from indigenous afrocentric sounds and locally brewed Afro-Tech, she aspires to transport the world into a realm where everyone dances to the rhythm of her drum, experiencing music like never before. This compilation album features exceptional artists such as Nelo HD, Louis Bongo, Ma-B, XtrovetDJ, Loading…, and Penhilburg, who contribute their extraordinary talents to create a sonic masterpiece that will captivate your senses. Prepare to immerse yourself in the magic of their collective artistry and witness the evolution of African Electronic Music on a global scale.

  1. Freeman Skyz feat. Thirty - Sophumelela (Louis Bongo & Lacarte Remix)
  2. XtrovetDJ - War Drums (Original Mix)
  3. Ma-B & Stewie Le Savage - Luna (Extended Mix)
  4. Deejay Bengwas feat. Kiyoshima Edits - Sopana (Nelo HD Remix)
  5. XtrovetDJ feat. Sediis - Ancestors Voices (Original Mix)
  6. Penhilburg - What To Do (Original Mix)
  7. Loading... - Nilotic (Original Mix)
  8. Loading... - The Shilluk (Original Mix)
  9. Penhilburg - Anybody (Original Mix)
  10. Nelo HD - Tokyo (2023 Remaster)
  11. SHAMISO - Best of Xpressed Records 2023 (Continuous DJ Mix)
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