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Reuxen - Egy Kis Vakond

Reuxen - Egy Kis Vakond


Reuxen, the acclaimed artist, makes a triumphant return to the label with his highly anticipated and latest single, "Egy Kis Vakond." This musical gem offers not just one, but two distinct versions - the Original Mix and the Alternative Mix, each showcasing Reuxen's unparalleled talent and visionary approach to music.


Drawing inspiration from the beloved Czech cartoon, "A Little Mole," Reuxen weaves together a mesmerising musical composition that effortlessly transcends boundaries of culture and genre. With an ingenious blend of African, Indian, and Hungarian elements, he creates a truly unique and experimental masterpiece that captivates listeners from the very first note.

In the Original Mix, Reuxen takes us on a captivating journey through a vibrant sound scape. Every note and rhythm carries us to new heights, immersing us in a world where melodies speak a universal language. The fusion of diverse influences showcases Reuxen's artistic prowess, leaving listeners in awe of his ability to seamlessly blend different musical traditions.


But it is the Alternative Mix that truly sets Reuxen apart as an artist willing to push boundaries. Fearlessly exploring the emerging Afro House 3 step, he delivers a fresh twist to "Egy Kis Vakond." This version is a testament to Reuxen's artistic vision and his unwavering commitment to innovation. With bold creativity and a daring spirit, he takes the track to a whole new level, leaving listeners craving more!


With "Egy Kis Vakond," Reuxen solidifies his place as an artist who not only creates music but also creates experiences. His ability to transport us through his vibrant sound scape is a testament to his talent and vision. Whether you choose to lose yourself in the Original Mix or embark on a thrilling adventure with the Alternative Mix, one thing is certain - Reuxen's music will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

  • Tracklist

    1.  Egy Kis Vakond (Original Mix)

    2. Egy Kis Vakond (Alternative Mix)


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