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Mr Norble Guy - Ngonyama EP

Mr Norble Guy - Ngonyama EP


Mr Norble Guy emerges with the spiritually alluring EP "Ngonyama" which means lion. The intense plexus of Afro-tech melodies found in the EP brings calm to the soul and unburden the mind. With Features from Insertcoinz, Blaq Meuch and Dr Feel, The EP is a beautiful fusion of special vocal bits with soul-penetrating tunes and pleasing Tribal undertones flowing effortlessly between Afro-house and Afro-tech forms. Ngonyama is a holistic pleasure to the senses, both tantalizing and gratifying to the lion within

  • Tracklist

    1. Mr Norble Guy, insertcoinz - Ngonyama (Dance Mix)
    2. Mr Norble Guy, insertcoinz - Ngonyama
    3. Mr Norble Guy, Blaq Meuch - Yatra
    4. Mr Norble Guy, Dr Feel - Pangeran



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