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Best of Xpressed Records 2023

Introducing the Best of Xpressed Records 2023, an annual compilation album renowned for its exceptional music, carefully curated and mixed by the most talented female DJs in the industry. We are thrilled to present SHAMISO as the compiler and mixer of this anticipated album.

SHAMISO is musical nonconformist who hopes to revolutionise how African Electronic Music is received on a global scale. She is an Afro Tech/Afro House Playlist Curator and an African Electronic Dance Music DJ who’s love for the craft and culture is deep-seated in indigenous Afrocentric sounds as well as locally brewed Afro-Tech from which she aspires to make the world dance to the beat of her drum and experience music like never before.

She draws from and is inspired by creators who came before her as well as those around her, therefore during her creative process she makes it a point to go back to where it all started by being one with the audience. SHAMISO does this by attending the best events centred around Afro Tech/Afro House and by listening to new music on a daily basis from prominent and upcoming producers within the industry.

This compilation album features exceptional artists such as Nelo HD, Louis Bongo, Ma-B, XtrovetDJ, Loading…, and Penhilburg, who contribute their extraordinary talents to create a sonic masterpiece that will captivate your senses. Prepare to immerse yourself in the magic of their collective artistry and witness the evolution of African Electronic Music on a global scale.

" The captivating rhythm and captivating atmosphere of the tracks served as the driving force behind the track selection. The profound message conveyed through the vocal tracks allowed me to weave a compelling narrative. " - SHAMISO


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