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Saint Evo

Saint Evo is a DJ/Producer with East African and South Asian roots. As the pioneer of the Afro House sound in East Africa, his musical journey is driven by an unyielding passion for melody and an ardent belief in the liberty of musical expression. He forged his distinctive subgenre, Afrobango, fusing Afro House rhythms with the fundamental elements of Bango music from the Kenyan coast.

From a tender age, the rhythmic heartbeat of the Maasai people deeply influenced Saint Evo's musical journey. Infused with inspiration drawn from the vibrant musical canvas of the Equatorial region and his South Asian heritage, Saint Evo embarked on a creative odyssey reflecting a diverse spectrum of musical influences. His recent musical productions have resonated on an international scale, finding homes with esteemed record labels across Africa, Europe, and North America. Notably, tracks such as "Tawada (Remix)," "Tuhan," "Wiyyan," "Lespri," "Ecouter," "Mntwana," and "Abantu Betshe" have garnered critical acclaim for their innovative fusion and profound cultural depth.


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