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Born in Galati, Riel is an independent DJ but also an electronic music producer, he began his career in early 2007, influenced by sounds like house, disco and funk. Since its inception tube a good response from his audience and this helped him to be characterized by his immense charisma and energy at the time of their presentations.

After years of activity as a DJ, he decided to try the electronic music producer scene.

His musical culture at this time included a wide range of styles: Funk, Hip-Hop, Afro-beat and more specifically House Music.

Embodies the essence of tribal and afro sounds. He grew up in an atmosphere of african rhythms that he is authentically overlaying on house music. Armed with a plethora of percussive instruments, along with soul-awakening vocals recorded in various areas in Africa, he sprays the musical scene with his organic signature sound.


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