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Kreative Nativez

Kreative Nativez is a duo of Producers / Djs from Lusaka in Zambia, comprising childhood friends Dj Blocks (John Mutale Nshimbi) and Tryybo (Jacob Kapaka Sinyangwe)

Joined their talents in the beginning of 2017 and have since made a bomb out of it. With a love for House Music but mostly influenced by Afrohouse, Afrotech, Deep House as well as Retro Soulful house music.

In the short lifespan of their careers as producer / deejay's Kreative Nativez have befriended, learnt from, evolved & played alongside some of Zambia's established Dj's and some of House Music's biggest acts in Djing

After much patience and nurturing, Kreative Nativez felt that they had reached a certain level of maturity in their music production & it was time for the masses to hear their interpretation of House music. The Nativez are currently independent & continue to release music on various international labels such as Deep Root Records, Open Bar Music, Xpressed Records, Madorasindahouse Records, Sneja Recordings, Arawakan, Melomania, Perditio Inc, Union Records &

The Nativez Sound has a distinct feel to it, the structure of the tracks driven by percussion & melodies that pierce the listener right to the core. The arpeggio played on electric piano is usually the synthesis of their compositions on which they build other elements including distinct bass lines. It is evident that the Kreative Nativez have mastered their craft and are etching the name as maestros of their sound


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