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Steadily rooted in cultural sounds, Eyama born in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal is an Afro House Producer/DJ who is a biophile, delivering high quality music inspired by nature and scenic views which helps him gets his creative juices flowing. His ability to create music commenced at the age of 15 when one of his close friends shared with him a music folder that restored how he sees music and made him take his capability to create very seriously. The folder included songs: David August - Epikur, Eelke Kleijn - The Calling, Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby, just to mention a few. Eyama flourished a deeper love for House Music, and started discovering more music and artists that inspired him within the House Music space.

He then won a remixing competition done by Meith & Kazukuta Records which introduced him to the music industry. His unique sound has grown and travel across the globe making people dance with the support from artist like Sun-El Musician, Shimza, Mr V, Black Coffee, Sammi Ferrer, Queen Rami & Somnyama. With a continuous creative grace, Eyama has released music on labels such as Xpressed Records, Nervous Records and Cabeau Music, dropping a single titled "Figo" that has been included on Cercle Music Playlist, Black Coffee's Track IDs and many more, on Spotify.

Driven by devotion and desire to enhance, Eyama has a lot of new music and remixes coming. He discribe his sound with the inspiration from music by artist like Sebastién Dutch, Da Capo, Nico De Andrea & Da Africa Deep. Eyama is currently furthering his studies in music at Central Johannesburg College (SA) doing Studio Work.


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