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Xpressed Records is an independent music label based in South Africa, dedicated to shining a spotlight on emerging Afro House/Tech producers and artists within the thriving music scene.

Our mission is to elevate the next generation of talent by providing them with an unrivalled platform to showcase their innovative and groundbreaking sound. Since its establishment in 2016 by Sibonelo "Nelo HD" Mathenjwa, Xpressed Records has rapidly emerged as a powerhouse. We are committed to curating and sharing the most electrifying sounds, encompassing licensing, publishing, and more.


At Xpressed Records, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to helping talented artists express their distinct voices while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the Afro House/Tech genre.


Sibonelo "Nelo HD" Mathenjwa is a self-taught DJ, Producer, and Record Label Founder hailing from South Africa. His profound adoration for Afro House, Afro Tech, and Introspection-inspired music ignited his musical journey. To kickstart a groundbreaking journey, Nelo HD founded Xpressed Records in 2016. With a dynamic and introspective approach, this talented artist seamlessly weaves his South African heritage into his progressive melodies and raw drum beats, giving rise to a truly unique and captivating sound.

Together, Nelo HD and Xpressed Records are committed to revolutionising the Afro House/Tech genre and providing a platform for artists to soar to new heights of creative expression.

Nelo HD

" At Xpressed Records, we are dedicated to helping talented artists express their distinct voices while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Afro House/Tech genre. "

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